Our trip to Ormiston Horizon Academy

Date: 15th Oct 2014 @ 3:34pm

On Wednesday 15th october 2014, we (all of year 6) paid a visit to Ormiston Horizon Academy. It was all good fun, and we took part in activities such as science, drama, english and we spent some time in the 4D room.

Our first amazing lesson was English. We had to rewrite a  fairytale, but give it a twist. So for example, instead of a prince we would use an ogre. Some of us made up some very funny stories.

Next we had a science session and we had to contribute ideas to try and solve a murder mystery. We had five experiments to complete in our groups. The experiments included chromotography - where you can find colours in ink. We had to do this because there was a note left on the body so our job was to find out what ink had been used. Another experiment we had to do was comparing the fingerprints given to us to those who were the suspects. Powder was found next to the body, so we had to test which one bubbled. One big problem was that we had to wait to find out who the murderer was right until the end of the day!

After Science it was lunch. Finally! Sausage, beans and chips topped off our morning and for desert we had a deliciouse trifle.We really enjoyed it.

After our lovely meal we had a break , then we all set off to the drama studio. In drama we played splat, freeze frames, 123 washing machine and acted out some scenes. The teachers were fun and everybody really enjoyed it.

To end our exiting day we headed to the 4D room and found out who the murderer was. The vice principle of the school Mr Shufflebotham had done the deed! He was taken to prison and the cell was projected around the walls and on the floor we sat on. Then we were transported to the trenches WW1. We all thought the 4D room was amazing and for alot of us it was our favourite part. But sadly we had to say goodbye and after we were given free gifts we left.

We had the most awesome day, and well never forget our trip to Ormiston Horizon Academy!

Written By Year 6

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