Maths Enrichment Day 2019

On Thursday 17th October we had a Maths Enrichment Day. Each year group took part in real life maths practical activites. We also discussed how we had used Maths that day and some of the older children thought about jobs that would involved Maths. In year 6 we decided that pretty much any job involves maths, so you can get their on time and can check you have been paid enough along with other things! 

Early Years went on a number hunt around the classroom and were using different objects to count, such as things they had found on an aumtumn walk. 

Year 1 compare heights and used the language taller and shorter. This also linked to their Science topic. 

Year 2 investigated the value of money using coins.

Year 3 went shopping to use thier money and get changed. 

Year 4 used measuring skills to investigate if taller people had bigger feet, which also linked to their Science. 

Year 5 recapped time and used the TV guide to calculate what they could watch tonight. 

Year 6 measure how far they could run in 10 seconds and used this to calculate how fast they could run in km per hour. 

Take a look at our photos.