Mrs Colman's book recommendation!

Recently, on 7th September, our new Reading Ambassador Thomas Murphy interviewed Mrs Colman to find out about her favourite book! 

Read the interview below ....

Question: What’s the title of your favoured book and who is it by

Answer: Harry Potter and Philosophers Stone by J.K Rowling 

Question: Why is it your favoured book?

Answer: I like the imagery in it, I like the way good conquers evil and like the way there is still a bit of a cliff hanger at the end. So I don’t quite know what’s going to happen.

Question: What’s your favoured part and why?

Answer: I like …. Diagon Alley because I can just imagine all the shops and you can imagine all the wands being there and it made me want to go to it.

Question: What inspired you to read it and why?

Answer: When I was at university and they asked us to read children’s books and this had won the 1997 Smarties Book Prize. So I wondered which one to read and I thought this was the one.

Question: who’s your favoured character?

Answer: Either Hagrid or Ron. I’m going to go for Hagrid because at the start of the book you think he will be some sort of demonic monstrous character, but instead there’s some comedy. I like how he looks out for Harry and Hermione and how he cares for the dragon.

Question: Would you recommend it?

Answer: YES TO EVERYBODY, because it’s a quality iconic book that every child should read to conjure up excitement and fantasy.