Don't Worry, Little Bear! - A story to explain the Coronavirus to children and to reassure them that everything will be ok

Each week you will find a file attached called Nursery Weekly Challenge. The aim is to give you activity ideas/ challenges for each day. Some of the ideas are creative, practicle or open ended. You can dip in and out of these activities or use them as a list. 

Update- Obviously, last term has been very different and we could never have imagined that schools would be closed across the nation. However, through these challenging times, it has been great to see how our community can pull together to do some amazing things, in such an uncertain climate. I would personally like to thank you all for everything you are doing with your children. So, with this in mind, I thought I would give you some idea of what we may have covered if we were back in school. I realise lots of you are working from home and it isn’t always easy completing lots of different activities, so please just use this as a guide to dip in and out of.


Theme- This half term our overarching theme is ‘How many?’ As the children were being really keen on learning all about growing plants and flowers I thought we could carry on with a similar theme and explore the wonderful world of BUGS! Mini-beasts always seem to fascinate the children and it can be linked to many different areas of the curriculum. For example: what mini-beasts can you find in your garden? How many legs has it got? Does it have wings? What colour is it?


EYFS Weekly Activities- These are uploaded to our school website weekly. They are a list of activities to complete for each day. They are to be used as a reference point and do not need to be followed to the T. They will give you an idea of how to support your child at home with similar activities that we would have done in Nursery. They are very open and hopefully inspire curiosity and interest. They are very practical activities because that’s generally how we learn best in Nursery.


Author of the half term- Last half terms author was Eric Carle and the children loved these stories so it would be really nice to continue these (if you don’t have many of his books, there are lots of videos of them on YouTube). Our new author would have been Jill Murphy. She has written many fantastic books about the Large family (a family of elephants), What Ever Next and Peace at Last.  Please see at the end of this letter for a list of book titles.


Traditional Tale- Each half term we will have a different traditional tale to focus on. This half term we would have enjoyed reading different versions of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I will put some different activities onto the website, but examples could be; make puppets, act out the story, make some new flavoured porridge etc.

Reading- It would be lovely for you to read lots of different story books with your children. There have been lots of materials provided online due to the closure of libraries etc. The Book Trust is a good website to refer to and they have published a special event on May 8th called Pyjamarama Day and I have uploaded their activities onto the ‘enrichment page’ on our ‘working from home section’ of the school website.

Physical Development- If you have collected one of the school’s PE bags you will be able to complete lots activities using these. Throwing a catching is an important part of our curriculum at this stage as well as moving in different ways such as, running, skipping, hopping, standing on one leg and balancing etc.

Math skills- Ideas could be… counting mini-beasts, counting their legs, counting from groups of objects. Can you find the number? What numbers can you see on your daily walk? These are all really valuable exercises. Looking at shapes, being able to name them as well as recognise them (circle, square, rectangle, triangle and oval). A challenge could be to look simple 3D shapes- cube, cuboid and cylinder. You may link to shopping items and packaging. 

Art/Creative activities- The artist we would have looked at last half term would have been Kandinsky. It links really nice to the shape work (circles) we had been covering. Matisse is our next artist. He liked to collage. You could use torn pieces of paper to make a collage of a mini-beast or a favourite animal.

Enrichment- There is quite a few events that can still be recognised, even though we are to stay at home. St George’s Day is Thursday 23rd April. The children might enjoy listening to a simplified story of the event and take part in some activities related to this. To celebrate VE day on May 8th it has been advertised for families to partake in a celebratory garden party. There are lots of resources on the school’s website page which will help you to make bunting for decorations, flags, place mats etc. We would love to see your photos of you celebrating this momentous occasion. There are lots of other enrichment activities in the next few week s to look out for if you fancy doing something different.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to those of you who have kept in touch either via email or through Learning Book. It has been wonderful to see the children’s faces and see what they have been doing through this lockdown period.

If you need any help or advice please do not hesitate to contact me via email:


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