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Parent Comments Following Events in School

We collect parent and carers comments at the end of all of our events in school.  You can find a folder full of these wonderful comments in the entrance hall. Please take a look next time you are in school!!

Here are a few examples:

Harvest Celebration Assembly 11.10.17

"One of the best Harvest assembllies I've seen," Mrs T.

"Fantastic: Loved every minute. Very impressed with the children and the adults supporting the school," Mrs Lock

"Lovely songa. Teacxhers and children have clearly worked hard. Well done!" Mrs Hough

"Children were brillian. It was really enjoyable," Mrs Redfern

Parent's Curriculum Evening 03.10.17


"Freddie loves coming to Nursery school. If he had his way he would come for 5 days. We are happy with his progress." Mrs Tomkins

"Very informative meeting - particularly with regards to recording her achievements at home. Very helpful to have an opportunity more about the curriculum and to discuss anything." Mrs Turner


"Very informative meeting on what the plas are for reception class. A worthwhile attend." Mrs Jackson

"Great incite into what the childrenwill be doing. Happy to hear that it is based around fun to keep them insterested." Mr Imber

Key Stage 1

"Some good ideas  to support my child at home." Mrs Jackson

"Really informative. Lots of ideas that we can do at home. Useful to see what is expected in Years 1 and 2." Miss Hazell.

Lower Key Stage 2

"Really useful session that will help us to support our child at home. And great homework ideas." Mrs Oliver

"Very thorough presentation thank you. Useful to include ideas about homework and I have some new things to try at home now." Mrs Smith

Upper Key Stage 2

"Very useful information which will help enormously at home." Mrs Heath

"A really well presented and informative session. We feel more confident in how to support our child's learning at home." Mrs Baines

Macmillan Coffee Morning 29.09.17

"We had a lovely morning. The cakes were amazing - lots of fun hand by all." Miss Clarke and Mr Landers

"Fabulous morning, great cakes - please do again :-) " Mr and Mrs Orlando

"Lovely morning once again. Thank you for the hard worknputting on an event like this." - Thw Swancott group

"Very well organised, children were polite and well-mannered. Well done." Mrs Forster

Parent School Development Plan Evening 19.09.17

"Very enjoyable and informative. Well done to the Head boy and girl." Mrs Smith

"Great meeting, lots of information. Thank-you to all involved." Mr and Mrs Morris

"The children presented really well. They greeted us politely and showed us exactly what to do. They were brilliant!" Mrs Thwaite

"Very informative - excellent." Mr Flannagan

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