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I hope you are all well and keeping safe. Below I have compiled helpful links, ideas and information on each of the different subject areas. To help you keep track of what has been added, the newer files appear at the bottom. I have deliberately given you more resources than you could possibly use so that you can pick and choose. Remember to please email me if you need any help or support. I will try to respond to my emails as quickly as possible. I would love to see what the children are getting up to, so please feel free to email me photos or work they have completed.


Author of the half term - Our author for Autumn 1 is Sue Hendra. Please see below for a list of stories that you may wish to read at home. 


Traditional tale – Our traditional tale for this half term is ‘The Little Red Hen’. The children have studied this tale over the last few weeks and know it well. They can join in with repeated refrains and have even created a whole class story map!


Phonics – The children have two short phonics sessions per day at school following the ‘Read, Write Inc.’ scheme of learning. They are currently learning set 1 sounds and are beginning to use their knowledge of these to read green words. All children have a set 1 sound mat, green and red words in their reading file. Please practise these at least once a day.

In school, we also use the following website to support the children’s phonic knowledge (this can be accessed on a laptop or iPad):


Reading - Reading in Reception includes everything in your child's reading file e.g. ditties, green words and red words. Please try and read with your child once per day and record this in their reading diary. Reading for pleasure is also essential across all year groups, so it would be lovely if you could continue to share a variety of stories with your child that they enjoy! YouTube is great for finding audio copies of stories which you may not have at home. 

Useful reading websites (to access you will need to create an account):


Literacy – Lesson and activity ideas for Literacy will be sent via email each day. Activities will be in relation to our author/traditional tale for the half term. In class we have been focusing on ordering stories, identifying characters, and using vocabulary such as beginning, middle and end. We have also started to add writing to our work using our phonic knowledge. This includes writing initial sounds and using our phonic knowledge to write green words.


Maths – Lessons and activity ideas for Maths will be sent via email each day. Our focus for this half term is being secure with numbers to 5. We have looked at each number in depth and how they can be represented in different ways e.g. pictures, dice, tally, fingers. We have also focused on adding one more in both practical activities using manipulatives and verbally ‘Tell me what is one more than 4’. The children take part in a daily counting activity per day where they practise counting forwards and backwards (no further than 20). They also practise number formation and learn the rhymes that support the writing of them.

We follow the White Rose scheme of learning which is supported by Numberblocks. Their website contained additional home learning resources which may be of use. 

Other useful Maths websites:








Please remember to photograph/video your child completing activities where possible and upload these to Tapestry. I love seeing what the children are getting up to at home and by doing this all of their learning can be kept in one place! 


Take care and stay safe.

Miss Rigby

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