Year 4

Year 4 Working From Home Resources

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. Below I have compiled helpful links, ideas and information on each of the different subject areas. To help you keep track of what has been added, the newer files appear at the bottom. I have deliberately given you more resources than you could possibly use so that you can pick and choose. Remember to please email me if you need any help or support. Please remind the children that they can email me too! I will try to respond to my emails as quickly as possible. I would love to see what the children are getting up to, so please feel free to email me photos or work they have completed.


English (Writing and Reading) –

  • The children are still able to quiz using Accelerated Reader.

  • The Literacy Shed have created some fantastic, free resources.

  • Every day, Pobble 365 post a photo to inspire children to write. They also offer helpful prompts underneath the picture.


English (Spelling) – I would ask that children continue to learn how to read and spell words from the Year 3/4 spelling list (found below). Children also need to learn spelling patterns and spelling rules. There are some useful websites below and I have uploaded a spelling activity menu that has a range of activities.

Maths –  Currently, we are working on the Year 3 unit of fractions. 

  • White Rose are continuing to offer free videos to support the teaching of maths. I would suggest consolidating the year 3 topics before starting year 4.

  • Times Table Rockstars

  • The website below is a great resource as it contains lots of manipulatives which the children can use to work out questions (counters, dice, bar models, coins etc)

  • Mini maths workouts and videos


Science –  We are currenttly finishing off the following year 3 topics: plants, rocks and light. We will be planning different types of scientific enquiry and conducting some experiemtns. 
  • STEM have created some fun, hands-on activities.

  • Explorify for science is a great website and sign up is for free.


History – Currently, we are finishing off the Year 3 topic of Ancient Egyptians. 

  • Children can use the website to find out about different time periods.


Geography – We are focusing on the similarities and differences between Scholar Green and London. 

  • The children absolutely love visiting different countries on Google Earth.

  • National geographic kids website.

  • World geography games.


Physical Education –

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga - The children will complete a yoga session by telling a story and the stories are appropriate for different age groups.

  • Kids Zumba - If you type this into YouTube, there are lots of great Zumba videos!
  • Just Dance - If you type this into Youtube, the children love following the dance routines. 

Computing – In the children’s reading records they have a log on to Purple Mash which is full of computing resources. The children are used to navigating this website as they use it in their computing lessons. I know that lots of the children’s learning is taking place online, please remind your children how to use the internet safely. Children can use search engines like which will bring up results relevant to children. CEOP have also created some activities linked to accessing the internet safely at home which I have saved below.

  • The children love using the Bee Bot App and Scratch, both of which can be found below.

Music – All children have been given a Charanga log on which was stuck into the back of their reading records.

Religious Education – We have just started exploring and comparing some cross religious and non-religious viewpoints. 

French -

  • Duolingo is an app or a website where children can learn languages for free.

  • Mr French has made some of the resources on his website free. I have saved one of the booklets below.


Art/DT – In the files, I have uploaded the 30 day art and DT challenge. I have also uploaded the 30 day Lego challenge. Also, saved below is a file called online art activities which has lots of websites and activities for the children to complete.

  • Art for Kids have a variety of videos on their Youtube channel which teaches children how to draw, step by step.


PSHE, Mindfulness and Wellbeing – Mrs Ashworth has added some activities to the school website. These can be found under the emotionally healthy school tab.

  • Smiling Mind provides short audio sessions to help with mindfulness.

  • BBC Supermovers create interactive videos to support with maths, English, PSHE and PE.

  • Newsround keeps children up to date with the world around them at a level which is appropriate to them.

Other –

  • Morning activities can be found on the link below to wake the children’s brains up!

  • On this report are various links to different virtual tours of museums around the world.

Files to Download