Year 5 & 6 Viking Stew

Year 5 & 6 worked together to make a vegetable stew and cooked it over an open fire, as the Vikings would have done! 

After ensuring our hands and the tables were clean, we prepared the vegetables by chopping and peeling them. To add extra flavour we put in thyme, rosemary, sage and garlic. 




While we were finishing off the vegetables, Mrs Simmon and Mrs Sinclair lit the fire in the Forest School. We then took all our vegetables and added them to a cast iron pan to be cooked over the fire. 

As the stew was cooking, we sang songs around the fire. We managed to get the stew boiling but sadly we didn't have enough time for it to cook thoroughly. 


We then tasted the stew back in the classroom. It was yummy!

Nate said "It was the best stew I have ever had!" Aimee said "I enjoyed the stew." Jasmin said "We enjoyed making the stew and spending time with our friends in the forest school." Corey even said, "I would like to make it at home.Maybe we can do  it again soon...!" Lewis K. said, "The stew was really good." Summer enjoyed singing the songs around the fire while Erin enjoyed chopping up all the food.