Year 6

Year 6 Working From Home Resources

Please take care and look after yourself at this time and ensure you are following the guidance given. I totally understand that lots of parents will be working from home and need to make sure learning from home fits around their family routine and do what is best for your child.

In the files, I have uploaded a suggested timetable with some activities. This does not have to be followed and is just a guide. You need to do what is best for you and your families. Just remember, at the minute the most important thing is to stay safe and healthy. The children will need some TLC at during these strange times and some emotional wellbeing time. Therefore, take time out to read together and play games together if this is what they need. You know your children best and during this first week do not put too much pressure on them, it is a huge change.

I am working from home Monday-Thursday so will be available to respond to emails and update the home learning tasks. I will try to respond as quickly as possible on these days. On Friday I will be in school teaching however I will contactable on the school phone: 01270 685181. I will try to respond to emails as quicklly as possible.

Although SATS will no longer be happening, the content covered in the 10-minute tests and the CGP full test papers is still applicable to the curriculum and provides a good coverage. I would highly suggest still using these but take away the time pressure and children could use these to identify areas they could do some further research on.

I have attached some links to suggested videos from the Literacy Shed in the English Tasks section. I have also added the Teacher Assessment Framework (TAF) for expected and Greater Depth writing and some exemplification examples of writing. However, I would highly recommend letting the children have some freedom and enjoy being able to write creatively. Enjoy! I would love to see any of the writing the children do so please email it across to me. - this is a great website for maths resources. Each day is has a video and work sheet. We were part way through the Ratio unit, I have uploaded the resources to finish this and the next unit is Properties of Shape. This is something Y6 children always find difficult uncluding recapping their learning from previous year groups. I will upload resources to support the children's learning shortly. I will also enusre that protractors are available to collect from school by next week if they are needed. is another great website and is not just for maths. I am regularly setting challenges on here for maths, reading or spelling. Please keep checking back. 

Here are some ideas of things you could be doing in an afternoon.

Science - has information on science topics and articles to read  - live link to the Webcams to watch the animals in the zoo

Museums offering Virtual Tours -

Child-friendly resources about Corona -



Our topic is study of Crime and Punishment as a study from Roman Times through to modern day. Find resources on the school website, a timeline of the key periods. Children could create PowerPoints / posters from research about the crimes and punishments during key historical time periods.


Use the PowerPoint uploaded to the files to research one of they key areas of California – create a PowerPoint or poster of findings. I have also uploaded to the website a link to create a fact file for California.

Create a table to compare the human and physical features of California to the Amazon Rainforest. We have already covered The Amazon Rainforest.


Find the link to Charanga in the back of your child’s reading diary or the lid of their folder with a code to entre for step-by-step activities to complete.

I would love to see what you are getting up to, so please feel free to email me photos or work you have completed.

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