Becoming Mr Twit

Date: 25th Sep 2014 @ 10:11pm

For Roald Dahl Day Mrs Yarwood wanted to share one of her favourite Roald Dahl stories- The Twits. As we had been learning about characters in Literacy we decided to look at the most disgusting character of all- Mr Twit!

We listened to the chapter in which Rolad Dahl cleverly describes the most repulsive character and then we watched a video to see if he was exactly how we had imagined him.

After that,  we made our very own hairy, bristly, spikey, dirty and matted beards- but, you'll be pleased to know, we decided we would not store tiny morsels of food in it! From this the clever year ones wrote some super descriptions of there own and manged to make Mr Twit sound just as awful as Roald Dahl does. 

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