History in Action

Whats been happening in history this half term?

In history this half term, we have seen a wide range of topics in all year groups. Year One have enjoyed learning about the local canal and what canals were used for in the past. They have been learning about the key term 'trade' and how canals helped with trade in the past. Please see some examples of work below for this topic. 


Year Two have also enjoyed learning about telephones and Alexander Graham Bell. They have been getting busy creating timelines of how the telephone has changed over time. This learning links with one of our  key historical concepts, chronology. Creating timelines of telephones has helped them to  develop their understanding of the past and how things change throughout the passing of time. I believe that Year 2 are also looking forward to a trip in the coming weeks to Nantwich Museum so keep an eye out for pictures from the trip!


There has also been lots of learning in Key Stage Two, including the Stone Age in Year 3 and the Shang Dynasty in Year Four. .


With the recent events of Queen Elizabeth II passing away, Year Five have kick started their history lessons learning all about Kings and Queens and Year Six have been looking at the Rise of Hitler! 


To celebrate Black History Month, each class has had an significant individual or theme to look at. Reception enjoyed looking at traditional Kente Cloth which is made in Africa, they loved learning about what the different colours symbolise and even had a go at weaving! 



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