Ethos and Values

Mission Statement


At Scholar Green Primary School we will provide every child with a safe and healthy environment in which to learn and develop the skills they need to be effective future citizens. 


Aims (Outcomes)


The school aims that all children:

  • are literate and numerate
  • are independent learners
  • are confident, flexible and well-balanced
  • value diversity
  • understand their responsibility to others
  • are self-disciplined


Objectives (Provision)


The objectives of the school are:


  • to establish high expectations and a success culture
  • to develop a learning community
  • to establish professional debate and discussion amongst all staff
  • to build leadership and management skills in all staff
  • to ensure that there is a learning climate in every classroom
  • to create and maintain a physical environment that promotes and reinforces the value, safety and inclusion of all individuals
  • to ensure the continual involvement of the whole school community


Vision Statement


This is our school:


  • a place where every child is safe
  • a place where every person is valued and respected
  • a place where all efforts and achievements are celebrated
  • a place where we encourage everyone to make healthy life choices
  • a place where everyone is encouraged to make a positive contribution