Dough Disco!

Date: 26th Sep 2017 @ 10:00pm

At Nursery we take part in dough disco sessions. Dough disco helps to strengthen our fine motor muscles to enable us to develop our pencil grip which in turn will help us to develop our writing skills. And most of all it's fun! We play along to lots of different songs and we do lots of different moves.

Some of the different moves we do are:-

Poke the dough with each finger and thumb in turn to make holes in the dough.

Squeeze the dough with all the fingers and thumb using a fist grip one hand at a time.

Sausage! Roll the dough between both hands moving backwards and forwards to make a sausage.

Pancake! Hold the dough in one hand and push the other hand flat into the dough. Repeat this until the dough is flatter!

Pinch the dough. Hold the dough in one hand and use Tom Thumb and Peter Pointer to pinch the dough. Then swap hands and repeat.

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