Reception Class' First Day

Date: 5th Sep 2017 @ 9:10pm

Well, what a start we have had to our first day in Reception. Mrs Yarwood and Mrs Brown were incredibly impressed with how grown up we were coming into school in the morning. Mrs Colman came it help us and she couldn’t believe how we came in on our own, found our coat pegs and sat on the carpet ready for the register.

Once we had done the register we quickly got busy-we couldn’t wait to get started. We had decided that we would like to be superhero’s this half term, so our topic is called ‘Super Me!’ There is a superhero base for us to play in; we loved dressing up. We made pictures of ourselves and our family’s using stencils and colouring pencils. We were also able to explore the computers, the construction area and played with the small world toys.

In the morning, we enjoyed a snack of apples or pears and had a drink of water and milk. We were great at helping each other and using our manners. At lunchtime, we learnt how to line up and walk down to the hall ready for a lunch. Mrs Yarwood showed us what to do one we got in the hall. We had to collect a tray, place  a knife and fork on it and line up by the hath to collect our dinner order. It was quite tricky carrying our dinner to the table, but we all gave it a good go and there were no accidents.

After lunch we enjoyed a playtime our on the large playground. We got to meet all the other children and loved running around.

In the afternoon we shared our chatterboxes with our groups. We all enjoyed sharing something about our holidays.

Although we are very tired we are looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.  

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