The Green Cross Code

Date: 11th Jan 2016 @ 4:13pm

Last week we learnt all about how to stay safe and cross road the safely. We looked at the things we needed to be careful of and the order of what we needed to do to cross the road safely. 

We were so good and sensible that we could remember all of the steps and out them in the right order!

Today, we have practiced crossing the road with our buddies. We practiced in the playground first and listened to our buddies very carefully. When we had all practiced we then went to a very quiet road (because we have to think of a sensible and safe place to cross). 

We were absolutely fantastic at crossing the road- we were so sensible! Mrs Yarwood and Miss Clulow couldn't believe how grown up we all were. We were also very proud of our buddies - they were great at helping us!

We have promised that when we cross a road with our helpers we will be responsible and help our adults- we will not try to cross the road on our own! 

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