World Book Day

Date: 5th Mar 2015 @ 10:12pm

Well, what fun we've had today! We have all celebrated World Book Day by looking at different Aesop's fables. In reception we looked at the fable 'The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse'. We read the story and acted out parts of the story- especially when the mice were frightened or shocked (look at our faces in the pictures). 

We have completed many activites related to our fable such as reading, writing, cutting and sticking and constucting a town and a country.

The afternoon was very exciting. Our Year 6 buddies along with some Y5's came to help us with our work. We had such fun! They read to us, helped us to make finger puppets and cutting our charcters to make pictures or headbands. 

Some of us said that today has been the best day ever! 

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