History in Action

Our history curriculum is designed to inspire and nurture critical thinkers. Lot's of skills that children are taught and acquire through the teaching of history can be applied to the wider curriculum. For example, enquiry skills, critical thinking and the use of different sources can all help children in the wider curriculum and wider life.  These skills are touched on in different ways in the different year groups starting from Year 1. Our history curriculum has four key terms threaded through our curriculum; Migration, Empire, Trade and Monarchy. We hope that children begin to make links in their learning and are able to give different historical examples of these words. 

What is happening in history Autumn?

In EYFS, history is covered through 'Understanding the World'. The children in Reception have been looking at the history of their family and their family trees. 

Year 1 have kickstarted their history learning around the Macclesfield canal which is in our locality. They have began looking at different sources of information around the canals and similarities and differences between how they were used in the past and how they are used now. Year 1 will be moving on to looking at 'Why are people from Stoke called the Potters?' in autumn 2. 

Year 2 have been looking  at the invention of the telephone and Alexander Graham Bell. Year 2 will be moving onto looking at the Great Fire of London in autumn 2. 

Year 3 have been using their enquiry skills by looking at artefacts from the Stone Age from the loan box that we borrow from a local museum. This helped their inference skills. Year 3 will continue learning about Ancient Civilisations and start looking at the Ancient Sumer after this half term. 

Year 4 have been enjoying the Shang Dynasty, I wonder if they could tell you what Oracle Bones are? In Autumn 2, Year 4 will move onto the Iron Age and comparing the knowledge they learnt back in year 3! I wonder how much they can remember from their previous learning? 

Year 5 have began looking at their in depth study of 'Settlements of Britain' starting with the Anglo Saxons.  

Year 6 have been looking at WW2. 


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