Miss Hancock - Reception (EYFS) 2023 - 2024

Miss Hancock

Welcome to Reception Class!

Our reception class is part of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and we are a team of 17 children and 2 members of staff. We all love coming to school and are very eager to learn lots of new things. We have lots of different areas in our classroom where we can explore and learn in different ways.

Who helps us?

Miss Hancock is our teacher and we tell her what we are interested in and what we would like to learn about. She watches us very carefully and helps us to grow and learn ready for Year 1. We learn through the Early Years Curriculum (EYFS) and have both an inside and outside classroom. We like our learning to be fun, active and interesting. We also have Mrs Potts who is our teaching assistant everyday. They like helping us and plan exciting things to enjoy. Most importantly, our families help us at home. They can see us using what we have learnt during school time at home and help us even more. 

What do we do in Reception?

In Reception we learn through play as well as being guided by our helpful adults, so our classroom looks different from the others. We don't have as many tables to sit at because we're so busy 'doing' in our areas. Our classroom is split into different areas; we have a role play area where we can pretend to be different people; a construction area where we build and make with different materials; a reading area which is quiet and we can read our favourite books by our favourite authors; a maths area in which we practice our number work; an investigation area where we can look at things very closely; a messy and creative area and we have to wear aprons here and a technology area in which we learn all about different things and learn different skills... not to mention our outside area which Miss Hancock is busy organising for us. We use all of these everyday which is why we are so tired at the end of the day!

How do we know we are learning?

We talk about what we have learnt all the time, but Miss Hancock and her helpers watch us very closely. She takes lots of pictures and makes lots of notes on her tablet about all the different and new things we do. She calls this our learning journey and all the information is sent off to the cloud where it is kept very safe. All of this information is collected to show what we know and tracks our new steps of learning. We love looking at the pictures (you can see some of them on here), but we especially like the videos.



PE days

Our PE days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Children can come into school in their PE kits on their PE days.

We hope you enjoy looking at our class page. If you need anything else or have any questions then please feel free to contact me on the below email. 


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